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Ayurveda points us to deeper levels of awareness into our body humors. This is called Prakruti- our true nature/body humor. It is here that the answer lies to fine- tuning our bodies and minds. PurnaVeda was founded with the goal to educate, bring awareness, and promote health and wellness by helping individuals find their true nature and balance within. PurnaVeda is devoted to helping people with their daily life goals, finding a routine that will work and Ayurvedic medicine to bring balance back to the body. 

"Anna" means food, "Purna" means full. "Ayur" means science and "veda" means life. PurnaVeda comes from within the name of "Annapurna Ayurveda." Annapurna is one of the great Himalayan mountain peaks in Nepal; the 10th highest mountain in the world, and also the revered, Hindu Goddess of food and nourishment. What not a better name behind a science that heals people through herbs and food.

Looking at the mind is key. We begin with the mind, which begins with lifestyle. Then we look to diet and adding herbal medicine and Ayurvedic treatments to cleanse the body and mind of toxins and ensure a proper digestion. 

Hippocrates says, " We are what we eat. Ayurveda says, "We are what we digest." 

Ayurveda utilizes a unique approach to healing because it focuses on each person as an individual. It is not "one size fits all" with regards to medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is prescribed to heal the individual with their natural body type and their imbalance in mind, but to also kindle our "digestive juices," called agni.

If you come with an imbalance such as a cold, the medicine according to ayurveda may be different for one person to the other, depending on the person's individual Prakriti/nature and vikruti/imbalance. We approach balance carefully with herbal remedies and treatment therapies. 

 "Ayurveda considers health to be a state of perfect balance between Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, corresponding to one's individual Prakruti (constitution), and a balance of the 7 dhatus (tissues) and 3 malas (waste products), leading to perfect balance of body, senses, mind, and consciousness. There is clarity, happiness, joy, peace, and love. Good, robust agni (digestive fire) allows this state of health to manifest...At a cellular level this translates as a perfect balance of ojas, tejas, and prana, and a predominance of sattva in the mind."

-Dr. Vasant Lad