Practitioner of Ayurveda Medicine

Annapurna Darcy DeLyle AWP, LMT, E-RYT 500


Practitioner of Ayurveda Medicine

Annapurna Darcy Delyle is the founder of PurnaVeda's Ayurveda Awareness. She has lived in Maui since 2020. She came here during the pandemic to be with her fiancé' and begin a new life with him. Annapurna raised her son and lived in spiritual communities for ten years. She has taught yoga and meditation as a practitioner for over 30 years. She began a massage practice in Hawaii 30 years ago on the island of Oahu. 

She asked for a spiritual name when she was in the first ashram. (People often take a spiritual name to aspire their consciousness to higher levels of being and to begin letting go of attachments to their ego.) "Annapurna" came to her one morning in a deep meditation. She meditated on what other names would best serve her highest dharma, but as she walked home from the temple, she heard "Annapurna" being spoken to her in a whisper, as if from a far-off mountaintop. Since that day, she thought of herself as Annapurna. 

Ayurveda chose Annapurna for the first time when she saw Deepak Chopra on Larry King Live! She became entranced and knew it was something innately familiar in her soul. It has revealed itself, over and over again, and chose her, even when she would stray away from it. She believes it was brought forth from another lifetime.

Fast forward to her 30th birthday, while in Egypt with Deepak Chopra Wayne Dyer, on a spiritual journey, when she was with the very person who inspired her.

Since then, she learned the principles and how to apply them during Yoga Teacher Training in 2007-8. She developed a daily routine and began eating more wholesome foods with Kichari and the six tastes. She then went on to learn from Kerala Ayurveda, a school in Milpitas, CA, based in India, where she interned. She has been learning the deeper layers of Ayurveda to help people heal and to be able to prescribe Ayurveda Medicine for the chronically ill, as well as those who need some rejuvenation, diet, and lifestyle changes.

Annapurna's passion is to share the ancient knowledge of the Vedas with people and help others find balance by learning this inspiring practice and science. 


When I was a child...

 ...from a very young age, I used to sit in the far corner of the backyard, where two palm trees were growing out of a mound. There was a small area behind the trees where I had privacy, and I dragged my wooden rocking chair, some of my toys, books, and a box of empty glass bottles that my mother had given me. I would sit there, reading and imagining that I was a wise, medicinal healer. I began to tune into the ice plant with the pretty violet flowers growing there. They were full of water. I used to squeeze the ice plant, crush the flowers, and put them in the little bottles. I would then rub the contents on me and pretend I was putting on a healing potion. 

That love of plants and nature has stayed with me my whole life. I love all things that are natural and used for healing. I love flowers and oils that smell natural, uplifting, and soothing. They bring a state of calmness to my mind. This is something I have always sought out. 

I have always been a good listener. My friends in grade school would always talk to me because I was quiet, and I would listen. I have always had a good sense of balance and have maintained that balance for most of my adult life. I know what it takes to keep the balance through healthy eating, a calm mind, and a body that stays active by walking, yoga, massage, and daily routines, such as daily self-abhyanga and keeping the body and mind clean.

I am a long-time practitioner and teacher of meditation. As a Wellness Practitioner and Spiritual Life Counselor, I can offer help in all areas of life, including spiritual outlook, life purpose, and just helping people find some mindfulness.

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Introductory Consultation

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Learn about your personal doshas (body humors/constitution) and how Ayurveda can help you achieve optimal health and balance, in your life.

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Initial Ayurveda Consultation

An initial Ayurveda consultation involves a 90 minute assessment of your balances and imbalances via questions, pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and other physical/ovservatory examinations. It includes advices on lifestyle recommendations and prescribes herbs and massage treatments that can help to heal you.
This thorough intake process helps the practitioner identify key symptoms and potential causes of imbalance and determine suitable treatment options.

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Spiritual Life Counseling and Wellness
If you are at a crossroads, or need help with finding your spiritual dharma/purpose, this type of counseling is about finding spiritual meaning and finding ways to move through heavy karma, or challenges with the mind and life changes. Yoga, Meditation and pranayama may be recommended, as well as certain lifestyle changes, or diet. This type of healing is about finding self-care and listening to the body.
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